Renewable Energies


Our Managing Director, Mihajlo, has been active in this field since 2009 in various functions. Hence there is a lot of passion for this topic with ongoing engagements.

There is no getting around the topic of environmental protection: Every Friday, the already famous Fridays for Future demonstrations now take place. The entire automotive industry is on the verge of upheaval, because diesel vehicles at least are to be completely banned from city centers within the next few years. The coal phase-out has been decided and ambitious CO2 targets have been set. No matter what one thinks of it: The time of fossil fuels is finally over. The future belongs to renewable, environmentally friendly energies. In the following article, we present the three most successful renewable energy sources.

Solar energy

Everyone knows the blue solar cells on the roofs of houses. And in fact, solar technology is also still one of the most promising renewable energies of all. This is especially true for private users. The energy payback time is between 0.75 and 3.5 years (the economic payback depends on the location and the feed-in tariff), depending on the location and the solar technology used. This means that after this time the solar system will have recovered the total energy consumed during its lifetime. This includes the manufacturing of the equipment, its transportation, construction, operation, and deconstruction or recycling. Considering that the average lifetime of a solar plant is 30-40 years, these are really incredibly good values.

Wind power

Wind is used as a renewable energy mainly in connection with the well-known wind turbines. This is also a very effective way of energy production. The energy payback time is less than one year, often it is even much shorter. Furthermore, wind farms can be built almost anywhere and generate extremely large amounts of energy. Unfortunately, the resistance in the population against wind turbines is also still great. This is despite the fact that both noise levels and reflections from wind farms have now been reduced to a minimum.

Renewable energies are very close to our hearts. We have gained international experience in Europe and Asia. A current project is the project development in Uzbekistan.If you are interested, please contact us: here