Micara Consulting is a tech consultancy in the field of renewable energy, biotechnology, embedded engineering and grant writing. We are a team with a lot of experience and technical expertise.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the field of renewable energies. We have planned, built and financed wind farms and solar parks internationally.

In addition, we have been a reliable partner for five years in all matters relating to the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM), the new research allowance and various Bavarian funding programmes. With our extensive experience, we ensure that your company also receives the best possible funding.



Funding can mean the difference between resounding success and financial difficulties for a project or company. This is especially true in times of digitalization and networking. Never before has there been such a large market for technological innovations. Never before have there been so many digital products that can help companies achieve unimagined sales and success. At the same time, the economic situation in Germany has never been so challenging: Digitizing and modernizing a business unit or even an entire company costs a lot of money. And even if you have a project idea for a promising concept that promises mind-blowing technological innovations, it is very difficult to find capital providers for it.
But the state has also recognized this in the meantime. In order to keep Germany at the top of the world as a business location in the future, various funding programs have been launched. The most promising programs are ZIM and BayTOU. ZIM is a federal initiative to support medium-sized companies in modernization, research and technological reorientation. The BayTOU program is designed to provide targeted support for young companies and company founders who want to work on high-risk projects in promising technological fields. Both programs can provide funding of several hundred thousand euros. However, it is not so easy to actually receive funding. Often, countless applications and questionnaires from the relevant authorities have to be answered. This means that important time is wasted during which no investments can be made. And even if the application is successful, it is often not possible to obtain the maximum possible funding.

Renewable energies

In the meantime, there is no getting around the topic of environmental protection: Every Friday, the already famous Fridays for Future demonstrations now take place. The entire automotive industry is on the verge of upheaval, because diesel vehicles at least are to be completely banned from city centers within the next few years. The coal phase-out has been decided and ambitious CO2 targets have been set. No matter what one thinks of it: The time of fossil fuels is finally over. The future belongs to renewable, environmentally friendly energies. In the following article, we present the three most successful renewable energy sources.

Solar energy

Everyone knows the blue solar cells on the roofs of houses. And in fact, solar technology is also still one of the most promising renewable energies of all. This is especially true for private users. The energy payback time is between 0.75 and 3.5 years (the economic payback depends on the location and the feed-in tariff), depending on the location and the solar technology used. This means that after this time the solar system will have recovered the total energy consumed during its lifetime. This includes the manufacturing of the equipment, its transportation, construction, operation, and deconstruction or recycling. Considering that the average lifetime of a solar plant is 30-40 years, these are really incredibly good values.

Wind power

Wind is used as a renewable energy mainly in connection with the well-known wind turbines. This is also a very effective way of energy production. The energy payback time is less than one year, often it is even much shorter. Furthermore, wind farms can be built almost anywhere and generate extremely large amounts of energy. Unfortunately, the resistance in the population against wind turbines is also still great. This is despite the fact that both noise levels and reflections from wind farms have now been reduced to a minimum.

Renewable energies are very close to our hearts. We have gained international experience in Europe and Asia. A current project is the project development in Uzbekistan.If you are interested, please contact us: here


Human medicine has made incredible progress in recent years. There is now a treatment for almost every disease or injury, no matter how serious the diagnosis. Diabetes, smallpox, polio - what was considered a certain death sentence a few years or decades ago is now treatable or can be prevented by vaccination. Even the HIV virus no longer kills anyone with the right treatment. This is astonishing, considering that in the 1980s thousands and thousands of people in the industrialized nations were still dying of AIDS every year. But there is one disease where research just doesn't seem to be getting anywhere. And that is cancer. On the contrary, the situation seems to be getting worse. Every year there are more cancer deaths and there is no cure in sight. In Germany, cancer is now the second most common cause of death and the numbers continue to rise.

That no cure can be found for cancer is because one cancer is never like the next. Every tumor is different. And sometimes individual tumors even change their characteristics during the course of the disease. Logically, therefore, no drug can be developed to help every cancer patient. But there is a glimmer of hope. And this does not come from the field of medicine. It comes from the field of biotechnology. Biotech researchers from various countries have declared war on cancer. One of them is the German researcher Axel Ullrich from the Max Planck Institute. He is currently investigating various enzymes that control growth processes in cancer cells. Because at least these enzymes are common to every cancer. The researchers are studying these enzymes in hundreds of different tumors in order to find more and more information and details about the different types of tumors. In this way, at the end of the research, it should be possible to create an individual drug or drug cocktail for each patient that successfully fights the cancer. Currently, this is by far the most promising approach in cancer research.

Members of our team have worked in the field of cancer research and through continuous monitoring of the market, have a wide range of experience in the segment. If you are interested, please contact us: here

Embedded Development

Embedded Development

Development of embedded software is one of the most challenging fields in software engineering today. Since innovations in many industries traditionally grounded in mechanical engineering (such as automotive or aerospace) shift more and more from mechanical solutions to electronic and computerized functions, embedded software emerges as one of the most promising application domains for software engineering. In the automotive industry for example, over the last years 90 percent of all innovations in new models were driven by electronics.

A recent trend – Machine Learning in the Embedded World

Machine learning and predictive analytics are transforming the way businesses and other organizations operate. Being able to understand trends and patterns in complex data is critical to success, becoming one of the key strategies for unlocking growth in a challenging contemporary marketplace. So far, a machine learning engineers rarely thought about computational resources. Moreover, they seldom care about memory usage. Why? Cause it’s cheap and even your phone has pretty good CPU and a lot of memory.

Now the need to be able to deploy machine learning models on the EDGE (on premise or the device) therefore in the embedded world has made it necessary to refine the way of deploy those models on devices as small as 8bit microcontrollers. These very small, low cost and low energy devices range in the cents cost wise per item and are deployed billions of times. New entrants in this market are making deployments possible to make these extremely cheap hardware smart and intelligent.

The recent advancements in AI, deep learning and other machine learning techniques have led to a humongous growth of artificial intelligence (AI) applications and services, ranging from personal assistant to recommendation systems to video/audio surveillance. Driven by this pattern, there is a pressing need to push the AI frontiers to the network edge in order to completely release the potential of the EDGE. To satisfy this need, edge computing, an emerging paradigm that pushes computing undertakings and services from the network core to the network edge, has been generally perceived as a promising arrangement. The resulting new interdisciplinary, edge AI or edge intelligence (EI), is starting to get an enormous amount of interest. The EDGE AI market, which is the overarching term for the whole segment, can be clustered in three main segments:

Hardware Edge (Chipsets)

Development of EDGE specific chipsets for fast and efficient AI applications. This is especially relevant for ultra-fast real time applications like autonomous driving. These chipsets are usually high-end with redundancies making sure long lasting stability and operation.

Software Edge (AI Platforms vs AI processing such as inference)

Development of EDGE specific software solutions which allow for intelligent AI powered EDGE analytics for anomaly detection and classification of EDGE related phenomena.

Key areas for applications:

IOT applications, Process Automation, Operational Awareness, Predictive Maintenance.

Our expertise lies in the market and technology know-how of this specific field of applications. Microcontrollers but even higher specified CPUs are omni-present and predestined for machine learning on the EDGE.

Funding programmes


The vast majority of medium-sized companies continuously develop a large part of their product range. This can be selective improvements or even completely new developments. What many do not do, however, is to have these developments promoted. There are 3 reasons in particular for this:
  1. the correct promotion programs are unknown and a search seems too costly.
  2. it is assumed that the degree of innovation of the own development is not sufficient.
  3. there is concern about excessive bureaucracy in the application and processing. In fact, the "Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM)" offers good opportunities to promote new product developments as well as further developments. If you are familiar with the program, it offers low and easily calculable entry hurdles.
In fact, the "Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM)" offers good opportunities to promote new product developments as well as further developments. If you are familiar with the program, it offers low and easily calculable entry hurdles. Die allermeisten mittelständischen Unternehmen entwickeln einen Großteil ihrer Produktpalette kontinuierlich weiter. Dies können punktuelle Verbesserungen oder auch komplette Neuentwicklungen sein. Was viele jedoch nicht tun, ist sich diese Entwicklungen auch fördern zu lassen. Hierfür gibt es insbesondere 3 Gründe: 1.Die richtigen Förderprogramme sind unbekannt und eine Recherche erscheint zu is assumed that the degree of innovation of the own development is not sufficient.3.Es besteht die Sorge vor überbordender Bürokratie in Beantragung und Abwicklung.Tatsächlich bietet das „Zentrale Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand (ZIM)“ gute Möglichkeiten Produktneuentwicklungen sowie Weiterentwicklungen zu fördern. Wenn man sich mit dem Programm auskennt, bietet es niedrige und gut kalkulierbare Einstiegshürden.
What does the project have to fulfill? ZIM supports research and development activities of medium-sized companies. Translated, this means that if you are developing new products, enhancing existing ones or adapting them to specific market conditions, then ZIM could be your program. Your project should meet the following criteria:
  • The product/process to be developed must be above the current state of the art Here, companies often underestimate their performance. Perceived small leaps in development can already be sufficient with ZIM.
  • A technical approach that makes plausible why you believe you can move beyond the state of the art should be able to be sketched in outline.
  • There must be a technological challenge to be addressed in the project to warrant funding.
What must the applicant fulfil? The applicant must be a medium-sized enterprise. Furthermore, it must have the necessary expertise and personnel resources to be able to carry out the project. Translated, this means:
  • The company, together with affiliated and partner companies, must have fewer than 500 employees (calculated on full-time positions).
  • It is advisable to have at least one graduate developer (e.g. Dipl.-Ing.) with a degree in a field suitable for the project, in order to signal the R&D know-how.
How much funding is available? How much funding is available? Eligible costs of up to 550,000 € are eligible for funding. Depending on the project form, size and region, grants of 25-60% are possible. This means that in absolute figures, non-repayable grants of € 137,500-330,000 are possible.Let's take the example of a medium-sized company (50-250 employees) that is not located in a structurally weak area and applies for an individual project. Here, the funding rate would be 35%, which corresponds to a grant of up to €192,500.

Why does ZIM have a low administrative burden?

With ZIM, it is possible to submit individual projects, which means that project partners are not required. This also means that there is no effort for partner search and coordination in the project.

The eligible costs are based on the personnel costs incurred. Other costs are compensated with a flat-rate surcharge of 100% on the personnel costs. This means that the receipt for every screw is not required in the statement of account. Only timesheets have to be recorded and submitted at regular intervals. This leads to a low administrative effort.

Another advantage of personnel costs is that these are costs that companies already have anyway. Translated, this means that no extensive additional investments are necessary or have to be proven for funding.

The reporting obligations are manageable, especially if the project plan is already neatly pre-formulated in the application. Then a comparison with the project plan only has to be submitted at 2-3 points in time (depending on the project duration).

How can we help you with this?

We have a wealth of project experience. We know when a project is eligible for ZIM funding and when it is not.

We can handle the entire application process for you. Once we have identified a project, all you have to do is briefly explain the technical details to us in another meeting. We take care of everything else for you (including writing the technical project description, preparing the application, processing possible supplements). Finally, you receive an application package ready for signature.

You save time and nerves. Neither you nor your key employees have to spend a long time learning the policy and process. Based on our extensive project experience, we know the most important do's and don'ts for ZIM, which you might have to spend time and effort to learn.

What do you have to do?

Take your chance, others have been doing this for a long time. It's best to arrange a non-binding appointment today, during which we will sound out the possibilities for your company with you and make them usable for you.

Bavarian funding programmes

Our world is becoming increasingly digital, electronic and networked. Neither vehicles, nor modern production, nor medical technology, nor building services are conceivable today without electronic systems. Nevertheless, it is precisely the large. Nevertheless, Germany's large, traditional companies in particular are finding it difficult to adapt to the present and plan for the future. Thus, Germany's ability to compete as a business location is significantly impaired.

The Bavarian state government has also recognized this, which is why Bavarian research and technology policy relies on a whole bundle of instruments. One of its core tasks is to:

  • Identify and address technology trends,
  • to build up an efficient research infrastructure,
  • to create optimal framework conditions for industrial research,
  • dovetailing technology supply and demand,
  • support concrete research projects,
  • initiate technology-oriented business start-ups, and develop its own regional strengths.

Important technology-open and technology-specific funding programs include:

  • Bavarian Research Programme Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (BayBIO)
  • Digital bonus
  • Charging infrastructure for electromobility
  • Business start-up coaching
  • Bavarian Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Research Program (BayBIO).
  • Bayerisches Forschungsprogramm Medizintechnik (BayMED) 
  • Design Promotion
  • Electromobility and innovative drive technologies (BayEMA)
  • Microsystems technology or electronic systems funding program
  • Information and communication technology support program
  • Innovation vouchers for small businesses/craft enterprises
  • Bavarian Research Program New Materials (BayNW)
  • Technology Promotion Program (BayTP)
  • Promotion of technology-oriented start-ups (BayTOU+)
  • Bavarian Regional Support Program for the Commercial Economy (BRF)
  • Bavarian SME Loan Program MKP - Start-up Loan
  • Digital incubators and networking activities
  • Start? Grant!
  • Medium-sized trade fair program
  • Go international
  • Guidelines for the promotion of cableways and ancillary facilities in small ski resorts
  • Bavarian Energy Research Program
  • Bavarian program for increased expansion of deep geothermal heat networks
  • Promotion of CO2 avoidance through biomass heating plants - Bio Klima & promotion of the use of rapeseed or vegetable oil fuels in modern agricultural and forestry tractors and mobile machinery - RapsTrak 200
  • Energy saving concepts and energy utilization plans

Take your chance, others have been doing this for a long time. The best thing to do is to arrange a non-binding appointment today, during which we will explore the possibilities for your company and make them usable for you.

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